TCC Special Meeting Update

Timberline Neighbors,
The special assessment proposed in February was never ratified. We suspended our March 23rd meeting due to Covid-19. The special assessment is NOT due at this time. We must be in “phase 4” according to our governor’s re-entry plan before we can reschedule an in-person meeting. We’re uncertain if this will happen so we are now considering hosting the meeting virtually. A revised special assessment letter and meeting announcement will be mailed when the time comes. If you have sent in your special assessment we are holding these funds and will apply them to the special assessment when/if it is ratified, or to your 2021 dues. If you would like a reimbursement please contact Mike Barham at

Thank you for your patience!
Ben CoffinTCC HOA President

March 23rd Special Meeting CANCELLED

The March 23rd Special Meeting has been cancelled.. We will reschedule at a later date (TBD) and send notice via mail.

TCC Special Meeting Recap – 02/10/2020


Timberline Neighbors,

Thank you to everyone (around 60) who attended Monday evening’s special TCC HOA meeting. We did not reach quorum according to our by-laws (273) in person and/or via proxy. However, we did have a valuable, lively, and engaged conversation about the current condition of our community and the shared desires we have to make significant improvements in the years ahead. Thank you! 

In anticipation that we would not reach quorum the Board was in earnest conversations with our lawyers on how to proceed. Our by-laws require 60% quorum for a vote to increase dues (add a special assessment). Article XII. Sections 4-6. According to these by-laws if quorum is not reached the meeting should be suspended, recalled, and quorum becomes half of the previous meeting (IE, 30% or 137) at the next meeting date. We have announced a subsequent special meeting for March 23, 2020 @ 7 p.m. (Elizabeth Blackwell Commons 3225 205th Pl NE, Sammamish, WA 98074). 

However, under new RCW’s (2018) there is another method which now supersedes our by-laws. Specifically RCW 64.90.525. This allows the Board of Trustees (Board of Directors) to propose a special assessment and invite the members (neighbors) to ratify. A special assessment of $120/unit (home) has been approved by the Board and announced at our meeting on 2/10/2020. If ratified this assessment will be due on or before July 1, 2020. This special assessment must be ratified at a duly called meeting. We will mail an official announcement including budget implications to all neighbors within the next 2 weeks. 
We hope that a large percentage of our community will agree with the importance of a special assessment at this time to pursue management services and begin to complete long-overdue maintenance and improvements to our common areas (IE, front entry, forest and trails/trailheads, cul-du-sacs). At Monday’s meeting the significant majority of those in attendance were in favor of this direction at the show of hands. Furthermore, RCW 64.90.525 states that if not more than 51% of homeowners show up and vote against the special assessment, it will pass. The same process will be followed next year for our 2021 budget, allowing the Board to maintain increased dues (estimated at $250 annually) for ongoing management services and common area improvements. 

Watch your mailbox in 2 weeks for this info. Hopefully you can join us at the meeting on March 23rd. There will be time for further discussion. If you are unable to be in attendance your absence will essentially be a “yes” vote. If you would like to vote against the special assessment, you must be in attendance, or you can contact us at and we will provide a proxy form for you to use.
Please let us know if you have any questions. We have much more we can say and want you to be fully informed. The letter you will be receiving will include further explanation of the RCW’s and their implications to our association in this process.

We are greatly looking forward to improving our community in many ways. Thank you for your care and concern for our great neighborhood!

Ben Coffin Trustee and President
Paul Tedrow Trustee and Vice President
Lori Bauermeister Trustee and Secretary/Treasurer 

Notice of Timberline HOA Special Meeting Monday February 10, 2020 @ 7 p.m. Blackwell Elementary School

This will be a special meeting to vote to increase our annual assessments. Proposed increase is $10/mo. per member (household/homeowner). This increase will enable us to pursue the employment of a management service, as well as to accrue needed funds for long-overdue projects (e.g., front entry refresh and common area maintenance). A quorum of 60% of members is required. Ample discussion time will be provided prior to vote. At our 2019 Annual Meeting those in attendance were extremely favorable to pursue this action.
Your Board of Trustees believes this to be a critical matter for the long-term health, beauty, and desirability of our community. With our extremely low dues we hardly have the funds for the continued maintenance of our neighborhood. However, unexpected expenses and much-needed improvements are unfeasible. The fallen trees and branches brought by recent winds is a good example of a concern we cannot address adequately. Furthermore, the expertise required to navigate complex issues and concerns within our neighborhood are beyond the scope of a group of volunteers. In recent years it has been difficult to even fill an active Board. Annual dues in other local neighborhoods similar to ours are often 3-5 times more. We are suggesting merely $10/mo. increase per household and believe this will be sufficient to address growing concerns. Please attend this important meeting. If we fail to reach quorum we will suspend the vote, but we will continue the discussion and have ample time for Q&A. If you cannot be present please inquire about proxy options at
Location Details:
Blackwell Elementary School- Gym/Cafeteria
3225 205th PL NE
Sammamish, WA 98074

TCC Annual Meeting Recap

Thank you to all Timberline neighbors who attended last night’s Annual Meeting, and to those who signed proxies.
We easily exceeded quorum and unanimously approved a Board of Trustees (who will also serve as officers in 2020):
Ben Coffin (president)
Paul Tedrow (Vice President)
Lori Bauermeister (Secretary/Treasurer).
Thank you also for the engaging and encouraging discussion about the potential to vote to increase our dues (perhaps $10/mo.) which would enable us to pursue the employment of a management service, as well as to accrue needed funds for long-overdue projects like the front entry refresh and common area maintenance. I would summarize the overwhelming response as “yes, it is time.” However, this would require a 60% quorum 2/3 approval vote at a special meeting duly called for this purpose. Watch for more info from the board in early 2020 and until then, continue the conversation with one another! Finally, thank you to everyone who serves our neighborhood in any capacity, and to those who volunteered last evening to be more involved in the coming year! Myself, or another board or committee member, will be in touch. If you were unable to attend last night we will post minutes to our website soon. You can also send an email to with any questions and/or to volunteer.
Sincerely, and with gratitude for the opportunity to serve,
Ben Coffin (trustee and president)

Notice of 2019 Timberline Residents Annual HOA Meeting

Thursday, November 21 – 7-9 p.m. Blackwell Elementary Library
Proposed 2020 Officers:
Ben Coffin (president)
Paul Tedrow (vice president)
Lori Bauermeister (secretary/treasurer)
We need 46 homes represented for quorum or the meeting will be rescheduled. If you cannot attend please sign a proxy approving or declining the proposed board and give to a trusted neighbor who will be in attendance. You may also file your proxy with the TCC secretary via email sent to

Brief agenda: 2019 TCC activity and budget review. 2020 proposed budget. ACC report. 2020 board nominations and election

Sammamish City Council Candidate Forum – 9/5/19


Timberline neighbors. You are invited to Sahalee Country Club on:

Thursday, September 5th from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

All 6 candidates for Sammamish City Council will be there to answer citizen’s questions about traffic, growth, plans for 228th, and other important issues. A moderator will facilitate questions from attendees. This is an exclusive event for the Timberline and Sahalee Neighborhoods. Please pass along these event details as appropriate.

Register for this free event by clicking here:  All attendees should enter Sahalee thru the main guard gate on 36th.

Please direct any questions to:

Timberline Entryway Project

Dear Timberline Neighbors, the TCC Board is developing a Committee for the Timberline Entryway Project. This Committee will be comprised of Board members and neighbors. It will be responsible to develop a proposal to the Board for the redesign and renewal of the main Timberline Entry (37th way), including but not necessarily limited to the replacement of the flowering plum trees along the south side of 37th way. If you would like to be considered for a position on this Committee please contact President Ben Coffin at If you are a neighbor and have experience in landscaping design, or connections with designers, contractors, and/or wholesale resource distributors, please also contact the Board!

Timberline Neighborhood Annual Meeting – Thursday Nov. 17

Timberline Neighborhood Meeting
Thursday, November 29
Blackwell Elementary School Library

Annual Meeting Agenda

Current Board Members and Committee Chairs:
President – Kelly Lyon-King
Vice President – Ben Coffin
Secretary – Kathe Low
Architectural Control Committee (ACC) chair – John Herd
Common Area Management (CAM) chair – Michael Neale

Welcome and Introductions – Kelly
ACC Report – John
CAM Report – Michael
Financial Report – Mike Barham
How are dues spent?
Vote on 2019 budget
Board Reports – Kelly and Ben
Open position description – Kathe
Entry re-landscaping committee – Ben
Nominations and election of Board members – Kelly
New Business

TCC 2017 Annual Meeting

The Timberline Community Club Annual Homeowners Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 28, at 7pm in the Blackwell Elementary Library.
Join your neighbors at our annual gathering where ideas are exchanged, concerns are addressed and votes are conducted. Here is the tentative agenda:
— Reports from the Architectural Control Committee and the Common Area   Management Committee.
— Discussion and approval of the  2018 budget.
— Nominations and approval of 2018 Board of Trustees
— General discussion of what’s going well and what needs improvement.
Feel free to offer additional agenda items by sending your ideas to Kelly at:

Hope to see you there!