Meeting on 3/4/14 about Water District

The Citizens’ Group will meet on 3/4/14 at Blackwell Elementary from 7-8pm to discuss the city’s potential takeover of the water district. The address is 3225 205th Pl NE Sammamish WA 98074.

Click here to read the District’s response to the city’s newsletter article about this issue.

2 responses to “Meeting on 3/4/14 about Water District

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  2. Greg Reynolds

    Sample Letter to the City Council
    Others can use this letter, or use it as a template and modify it with a different high priority issue.

    Thomas Gregory “Greg” Reynolds
    4329 210th Place NE
    Sammamish, WA 98074
    (425) 868-3932
    March 7, 2014
    City of Sammamish
    City Council Members

    Re: NE Sammamish Water and Sewer District Assumption Study

    I was wondering which members of the City Council instructed the City manager to embark on a study of the NE Sammamish Water and Sewer District in reference to a possible assumption of the water district by the city and why those instructions were issued.

    There are more important and time sensitive issues for City staff to devote its precious time and limited resources. Issues like Town Center, Community Center, Barricade Reviews, Comprehensive Plan update, etc.

    An example of an important issue that remains a “low priority” is the NE 42nd Street barricade. I requested on January 29, 2014 that the Barricade Review program that was abruptly halted in 2011-2012 be restarted in 2014. The response from Ben Yazici regarding the barricade issue that (the city staff) “we have so much on our plate right now, much of it time sensitive, that I am not sure how soon, or in what manner, this is going to play out”.

    If the city staff is too busy to handle a 12 year old issue of major concern to the community, why is the City is beginning a study on assumption of the water district?
    There are no problems with either water district that requires the attention of the city staff at this time. All services are being operated and managed properly by both water districts. There is no need for the City of Sammamish to get involved in utility services.

    It is my understanding that the city charter would need to be amended before the city could take any action regarding assumption of the water district. The efforts by the city to study the possible assumption of the NE Sammamish Water District is premature and an unwarranted waste of the city’s limited resources. The city staff should delay the study until or if an amendment to the City Charter is enacted. The study at this point in time is not needed and is a waste of limited staff time and precious resources that can be directed to issues that are more important.

    As the body empowered to direct the actions of the city staff, I am requesting the City Council instruct the City Manager to stop the water district study until after the City Charter is amended and devote city resources to other high priority issues.

    Greg Reynolds