Timberline Forest Restoration Project Plan

As many of you may have noticed, some parts of our forested open spaces have been invaded by non-native plants. This is not good for the health of our forests and the wildlife that rely on native plants. The homeowners association has paid a consultant to update the Forest Stewardship Plan created in 1994, and is in the process of securing funding for the project. We will also be organizing restoration events for neighbor volunteers to help remove the noxious weeds and plant native species in their place.   The highlights of the restoration plan are available here

One response to “Timberline Forest Restoration Project Plan

  1. I served on the CAM committee for several years and we were lucky to get 6 volunteers to re-bark the trail. Most of the blackberry and ivy removal will be hampered by dead and fallen trees. I would suggest chainsaws, strong backs and no children to cut and stack trees and limbs and stuff to clear the way for wackers in the future. I would really suggest the TCC board acquire a 20″ bar STIHL chainsaw and about 6 chains and a sharpening attachment and 6 files. I would also recommend that the board acquire a 4-cycle powered metal and line cutting heads for a good trimmer. Anything short of proper tools is like PSE replacing gas lines it will take much too long, be very sloppy and won’t really be what a homeowner would have done for himself.