Timberline Neighborhood Annual Meeting – Thursday Nov. 17

Timberline Neighborhood Meeting
Thursday, November 29
Blackwell Elementary School Library

Annual Meeting Agenda

Current Board Members and Committee Chairs:
President – Kelly Lyon-King
Vice President – Ben Coffin
Secretary – Kathe Low
Architectural Control Committee (ACC) chair – John Herd
Common Area Management (CAM) chair – Michael Neale

Welcome and Introductions – Kelly
ACC Report – John
CAM Report – Michael
Financial Report – Mike Barham
How are dues spent?
Vote on 2019 budget
Board Reports – Kelly and Ben
Open position description – Kathe
Entry re-landscaping committee – Ben
Nominations and election of Board members – Kelly
New Business

One response to “Timberline Neighborhood Annual Meeting – Thursday Nov. 17

  1. Regarding the gate between Timberline and Hidden Ridge. We are on 39th shortly after 203rd and the turn toward Timberline Park. Making a permanent opening is of great concern to us. Besides all of the poor road design considerations we feel many who use this alternative will be drivers in a hurry and therefore speed will be excessive through all three communities. Yes there are ways to attempt to slow the traffic but those methods will not slow everyone. After all you are talking about a savings of perhaps 3-4 minutes if your lucky and don’t get stuck in a backup out of Hidden Ridge. Opening the gate will completely change the character of these communities to say nothing of the property values for many residents.