TCC Special Meeting Recap – 02/10/2020


Timberline Neighbors,

Thank you to everyone (around 60) who attended Monday evening’s special TCC HOA meeting. We did not reach quorum according to our by-laws (273) in person and/or via proxy. However, we did have a valuable, lively, and engaged conversation about the current condition of our community and the shared desires we have to make significant improvements in the years ahead. Thank you! 

In anticipation that we would not reach quorum the Board was in earnest conversations with our lawyers on how to proceed. Our by-laws require 60% quorum for a vote to increase dues (add a special assessment). Article XII. Sections 4-6. According to these by-laws if quorum is not reached the meeting should be suspended, recalled, and quorum becomes half of the previous meeting (IE, 30% or 137) at the next meeting date. We have announced a subsequent special meeting for March 23, 2020 @ 7 p.m. (Elizabeth Blackwell Commons 3225 205th Pl NE, Sammamish, WA 98074). 

However, under new RCW’s (2018) there is another method which now supersedes our by-laws. Specifically RCW 64.90.525. This allows the Board of Trustees (Board of Directors) to propose a special assessment and invite the members (neighbors) to ratify. A special assessment of $120/unit (home) has been approved by the Board and announced at our meeting on 2/10/2020. If ratified this assessment will be due on or before July 1, 2020. This special assessment must be ratified at a duly called meeting. We will mail an official announcement including budget implications to all neighbors within the next 2 weeks. 
We hope that a large percentage of our community will agree with the importance of a special assessment at this time to pursue management services and begin to complete long-overdue maintenance and improvements to our common areas (IE, front entry, forest and trails/trailheads, cul-du-sacs). At Monday’s meeting the significant majority of those in attendance were in favor of this direction at the show of hands. Furthermore, RCW 64.90.525 states that if not more than 51% of homeowners show up and vote against the special assessment, it will pass. The same process will be followed next year for our 2021 budget, allowing the Board to maintain increased dues (estimated at $250 annually) for ongoing management services and common area improvements. 

Watch your mailbox in 2 weeks for this info. Hopefully you can join us at the meeting on March 23rd. There will be time for further discussion. If you are unable to be in attendance your absence will essentially be a “yes” vote. If you would like to vote against the special assessment, you must be in attendance, or you can contact us at and we will provide a proxy form for you to use.
Please let us know if you have any questions. We have much more we can say and want you to be fully informed. The letter you will be receiving will include further explanation of the RCW’s and their implications to our association in this process.

We are greatly looking forward to improving our community in many ways. Thank you for your care and concern for our great neighborhood!

Ben Coffin Trustee and President
Paul Tedrow Trustee and Vice President
Lori Bauermeister Trustee and Secretary/Treasurer 

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