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The Timberline Homepage hosts TCC news, resources, and other items of common public interest to the TCC organization, its committees and the Timberline community. This site isn’t just a one way method of communicating events, this web site will allow residents to communicate with their neighbors. If you have something you want to communicate to the rest of the neighborhood, please let us know.

Timberline Home Project Requirements
Save yourself and all of us time, trouble, and expense!  Run your external home project by the ACC and get approval before beginning work on your project. It’s the rule!  Don’t forget to read the rules and regulations found in your Timberline ACC Guidelines. Please click here for all the pre-approval forms.

Thank you for investing in your home an upholding our Timberline standards.

For contact info to the Timberline Community Club, please see the “Meet the board” page.

4 responses to “About

  1. If I lose my mailbox key, who do I call to get a new one? Also, who do I contact to get our common circle in our cul-de-sac trimmed?

  2. How do I submit a change of address to you? I am a remote owner and I have moved. Thank you.

  3. Hello Timberline Neighbors,
    Please remember to remove your trash, food, and recycle bins from site (street view), except during trash pick-up day. Our CC&Rs and Guidelines say “make it so!”

    A big thank you to those who have found a way to hide their bins from view and thereby help to keep Timberline – our neighborhood – looking good!

    Your Timberline Architectural Control Team

  4. WOW!! The new bark on the Trail is Great!! Thank you Dale Morrow!

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