Timberline Home Project Requirements
Save yourself and all of us time, trouble, and expense!  Run your external home project by the ACC and get approval before beginning work on your project. It’s the rule!  Don’t forget to read the rules and regulations found in your ACC guidelines below. Please click here for all the pre-approval forms.

Thank you for investing in your home an upholding our Timberline standards.

CC&Rs for Timberline No. 2 CCRs

ACC Guidelines for the Timberline Community Club

Fining Policy

Satellite Dishes

Roofing Shingle Rules for Timberline

Non-Cedar Shake Roof Request (for non-cedar roofs)

ACC Request Form (non-roof) (non-roofing requests)

Timberline Highlands Roof Replacement Policy and ProcessNew 12/6/2010

Neighbor Input Form

PODS Policy

Timberline Gun Policy-Amended 2-23-11

Complete List of CCRs from all divisions of Timberline, Timberline Highlands and Timberline Park:

Articles of incorporation for TCC
Bylaws of TCC Article I
Bylaw amendment to TCC CCRs Dec 15 1981
Timberline Div 1 CCRs (opens in a new web page, each page of the CCR is a separate image)
Timberline No. 2 CCRs
Timberline No. 3 CCRs
Timberline No. 4 CCRs
Timberline No. 5 CCRs
Timberline No. 6 CCRs
Timberline Highlands CCRs
Timberline Highlands Div 2 CCRs
Timberline Park

One response to “ACC / CC&Rs

  1. A BIG thank you to whomever took down the dead trees around the utility boxes at the corner 37th Way and 208th Ave. Thank you!

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