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Proposed Bike Lanes On NE 37th Way

In response to numerous complaints from Timberline Residents about cars speeding on NE 37th Way, your TCC Board has been discussing with the City of Sammamish on ways  to decrease driving speeds on this street. The City of Sammamish is willing to paint bike lanes which they have found decreases driving speeds. The City is not willing to implement other speed control options at this time.

The TCC Board would like your comments. We will be discussing this at the Annual Meeting, or you may leave your comments to this post,

Fireworks Reminder

Just a reminder that setting  off fireworks in the City of Sammamish is prohibited for safety reasons. The city sponsors its 4th of July Celebration with a great firework display held at the city commons.

Timberline Annual 4th Of July Bike Parade

Please join us for Timberline’s annual 4th of July bike parade at 11:00 am, at the corner of NE 35th PL and 205th PL  NE. Everyone is welcome!

Volunteers Needed

The Board is seeking volunteers to help out with various activities to support the Timberline Community Club. We have openings on both the Common Area Management (CAM) Committee and the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). We also would like volunteers who are interested in producing an expanded newsletter and providing content for the community website. Any individual who can devote a couple hours a week to these efforts will help make Timberline a better place. Contact and let us know how you can help!


The Timberline annual garage sale is scheduled for Saturday, June 6th. For additional information, or to sign up contact:

2015 TCC Board Minutes

The TCC Board Minutes for first quarter 2015 are posted on our website.

Potential Takeover of NE Sammamish Sewer and Water District

 The City of Sammamish has requested the Northeast Sammamish Sewer and Water District participate with the City to do a feasibility study about the City assuming (taking over) the District. Click here to read about the concerns and what you can do.