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This page provides quick assistance to the most frequently discussed topics between neighbor and ACC and includes links to the most requested forms.

Timberline Home Project Requirements
Save yourself and all of us time, trouble, and expense!  Run your external home project by the ACC and get approval before beginning work on your project. It’s the rule!  Don’t forget to read the rules and regulations found in your Timberline ACC Guidelines. See below for all the pre-approval forms.

Thank you for investing in your home an upholding our Timberline standards.

Required ACC Request Forms :

These forms must be filled out for projects that will affect or alter the appearance of the exterior of your house or property. Once completed, submit forms and detailed plans to the ACC for approval. While most projects require less review time, the ACC is granted 30 days to complete its review for non-roofing projects and 45 days for non-cedar roof requests.  It is important for owners to plan projects with this 30-days period in mind.  The CC&R’s are clear:  PROJECTS CANNOT BE STARTED PRIOR TO ACC APPROVAL.  (See sections 3 and 4 of the Timberline ACC guidelines for more information).

Non-Cedar Shake Roof Request
ACC Request Form (non-roof)
Neighbor Input Form

Information About the Most Commonly Requested Projects:

Decks and Patios- Installation of a new deck or patio, or significant changes to an existing deck or patio are considered structures and will need ACC approval.  Considerations include conformity to the existing house, materials and color scheme, proximity to neighbors’ houses, proximity of lot lines, and lighting. ACC request form and Neighbor input form required (See section 4.2.2 for more information)

Driveways-All driveways must be paved with Portland cement concrete or asphalt. Concrete is preferred. ACC request form and Neighbor input form required. Crack repair does not need ACC approval. (See section 4.1.9 of the ACC guidelines for more information).

Fences-Privacy fences (Side and back yard only) must be 6 feet or under and made of cedar fencing material or other approved wood. No city permit is required for fences 6 ft. or shorter. Paint is discouraged. Decorative fences may be allowed in front yards if artistically pleasing and harmonious to the neighborhood. ACC request form and Neighbor input form required. (See section 4.2.1 of ACC guidelines for more information).

Landscape-Large landscaping projects that significantly alter the view of your property will require ACC review. Projects should not detract from the appearance of the neighborhood. Prior to removal of large trees, owners need to contact the City of Sammamish for the proper permits. Dumping of large piles of dirt, bark, etc. shall be completed within 2 weeks of delivery. ACC request form and Neighbor input form required (See section 4.1.4 and 6.5 for more information)

Other Structures-This could refer to such structures as sports courts, children’s play structures, hot tubs or permanent pools, fountains or outdoor water displays, fixed or large flag pole displays an any significant structure – all of which need ACC approval.  ACC request form and Neighbor input form required. (See section 4.2.4 for more information)

Painting-All painting must be done using neutral earth tones that are harmonious and complementary to surrounding structures. Repainting with existing color still requires ACC approval. Paint samples, ACC request form and Neighbor input form required. (See section 4.1.10 for more information)

PODs (Portable On-Demand Storage) and Household Goods Containers- These are permitted on a temporary basis for no longer than two weeks for a household move or one week for temporary storage (i.e., home remodel project). Containers must be contained on the homeowner’s driveway and the owner accepts all liability of damage to the property.  The approved ACC request form must be posted on the outside of the POD, visible from the street. ->Link to POD Policy

Remodel/Interior -Interior house remodel does not need ACC approval unless it affects the exterior of the house. Any use of a POD during remodel period must comply with POD policy. ->Link to POD Policy. ACCrequest form must be completed for dumpsters and Port O Potties used for remodel that are to be stored on property.

Remodel/Exterior– All exterior house remodels need ACC approval. Detailed drawings and plans prepared by an architect or competent designer must be submitted to the ACC for review. Approved city permits must also be shown to the ACC prior to any construction. ACC request form and Neighbor input form required. (See section 4.1 for more information).

Roofs-Cedar Shake- Cedar shake roofs are the preferred roofing material in Timberline and require no ACC review. However, a notification of the project timeline needs to be provided to the ACC. No forms required. (See guideline and 4.1.11 for more information)

Roofs-Non-Cedar- The following non-cedar roofing material is approvable if it mimics the cedar shake look: Tile, Architectural Grade Tri-Laminate, Stone Coated Steel and Evershake. All roofing material must be harmonious and complementary on appearance to the other homes in the Timberline Community. Certainteed Presidential TL—Lifetime, GAF Grand Canyon—50 Year, DuraLoc Signature, Certainteed Landmark TL—50 Year, GAF Grand Sequoia—Lifetime Limited are approvable architectural grade tri-laminate materials. All alternative roofing materials are subject to a 45 day review by the ACC and the neighbors with a view of your home. ACC request form and Neighbor input form required. (See section 4.1.11 for more information)

Sheds-All buildings to be constructed within the property will need ACC approval and it must comply with the City of Sammamish setback requirements. Currently 10 ft. to the rear lot line and 5 ft. to the side. .  The proposed building should be harmonious with the surrounding neighborhood in regards to materials, color, style and overall appearance.  The structure should not be visible from the street unless it is built to resemble an extension of the house.  It should be located in the rear of the property or be screened from ground level as much as possible by cedar fencing or plantings. ACC request form and Neighbor input form required. (See section 4.2.3 for more information)

Trees-No trees shall be removed or trimmed from the Timberline Common Areas by owners of the TCC unless permission is given by the ACC. (See section 11.5.1) .  For trees on your own property, the proper permits filed with the City of Sammamish are required. City permits are required for deciduous trees 12 inches or greater in diameter and conifers 8 inches in diameter or greater.  If tree removal significantly alters the view of your property an ACC request form is required.

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